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If you have ever had to replace a window unit then you know how frustrating it can be trying to find one identical to what you have.  There are so many window manufacturers out there, so unless you have a newer style window, it is almost impossible to find one that matches yours.  There is no need in replacing all of your windows when only one unit may be bad.

That's where we come in.  If your glass is broken or fogged up or just has moisture between the glass panes, we can replace just the glass in almost any window style without changing out all of your windows.

However, if you do want to change out your windows to something more modern, we can do that also.  We can put in completely new windows or we can do sash replacements inside your original window frame.

What is sash replacement, you ask?  The sash is the part of the window that moves up or down or cranks open.  It is the part that contains the glass that is held in by various methods using wood stop, vinyl stop or maybe just screwed together in the corners.  There are a few manufacturers that will even staple or nail their sashes together.  When we do sash replacements we change out the sashes, and the jambliners or balances (this is what the sashes slide up and down in).  These new jambliners will allow the new sashes to tilt in for easy cleaning of the glass from the inside.

We do not make our own windows, what this means for you is that you will not be stuck with getting just a certain type that we make.  We will look in various locations till we find just the window that you want.