Broken or fogged glass repair.
Broken glass - In most cases, we can replace just the broken glass in a window without having to replace the entire window unit.  This procedure will save you money from having to remove all of the window trim on the inside and sometimes the siding on the outside.

Fogged glass - All insulated glass panes have some type of dessicant around the interior of the seal.  This dessicant is designed to absorb any moisture that condensates inside the glass due to contrasting temperatures on each side of the unit.  When this desiccant begins to lose its effectiveness, then the glass will begin to look "foggy" or "milky".  
Seal Failure - In some cases, the swiggle seal will "walk" on the glass causing it to show inside the sight line of the glass.  In this case, the only thing that can be done is to replace the glass with one that has a ridgid aluminum spacer or a foam super seal surrounding the glass or replace the sash unit.  Either way there is no need in replacing the complete window.
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