About Us
We are a family owned business that's been in the glass  industry for about 25 years working in a glass shop, cutting, cleaning and building my own insulated units.

You will receive a quality product and the work will be done by a professional installer.  Our quality workmanship is guaranteed to please you from beginning to clean-up.
We can usually replace the glass in any kind of window or door.

Wood - Vinyl - Aluminum - Single pane - Double pane - Triple pane

Stationary units or Casement windows
Single Hung - Only the lower sash will operate
Double Hung - Both the upper and lower sashes will operate

Listed below are just a few of the many types of glass available.

Annealed  -  Typically most windows except large units.
Tempered  - Doors or windows near a bathroom tub or an exterior door.
Laminated - Safety glass used in some doors and windshields.
Obscure   -  Used in places that need privacy, but will still allow light in.
Tinted       - Used to add color to a window, but does not help in the                                  efficiency like Low E glass does.
Opaque    -  Used to give the appearance of a window without the                                ability to see through it.

Energy efficient Low E glass - Blocks the damaging UV rays from the                              sun to keep better temperature control inside your                                    home.

With or without muntin bars inside the glass

SDL bars  -  Divider bars on the exterior surface of the glass to give                           the appearance of a divided lite window
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